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1) One Point of Contact

APEX Language Solutions will be your one and only point of contact for all of your language needs. We will take charge of your entire language service needs, manage your language communications, and support your team and business in any language required for your business success.  


2) Qualified Team

APEX Language Solutions hires only certified and experienced language professionals to support, manage and monitor your language needs 24/7/365.


3) Full Multi-Lingual Coverage with Predictable Costs

APEX Language Solutions' team provides unlimited language support for one affordable and predictable cost. You can call APEX Language Solutions for any language support questions you may have at any time.      




The written word is the most powerful tool in our economy. It can make or break a business, spark new innovations, and even bring cultures together.

Every translation will go through the following procedures: 

  1. Interview with client about purpose, meaning, and intended goal of the document. 
  2. Translated by linguistics professional. 
  3. Translated by second linguistics professional. 
  4. Proofread and copy edited. 

Some of the documents we translate include:

  • Scientific and technical articles
  • Magazine and newspaper articles
  • Marketing, advertising, and public relations materials 
  • Business and financial statements 
  • Legal and trade agreements  
  • Medical, clinical research, and healthcare documents 
  • Technical manuals and patents.                    



APEX Language Solutions has a vast network of professional and certified interpreters speaking over 100 different languages. We are able to perform both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services in court trials, mediations, statements, and depositions for convention centers, global corporations, professional associations, hospitals, law firms, and much more. Whether you are looking for a certified court interpreter for depositions or if you are entertaining foreign nationals, we have ready interpreters that will meet your every need.

Language & Cultural Advisory Services


APEX Language Solutions can bridge your business together with over 100 different languages around the globe, including all European, Middle Eastern, and major Asian languages. We provide an impeccable level of service that not only allows businesses to connect with their customers in their language, but in ways that shows their culture is valued and appreciated.



Subtitling and Voiceover


Language and Culture Training


Consulting Services


Educational Curriculum Development


Other Customized Services


We have fine-tuned the skills


Getting your message across both accurately, effectively, and professionally has never been easier. We have created a portal to assist our clients to reach out and communicate with the world despite the differences in language and culture. APEX Language Solutions is a full service business offering translation services in over 100 different languages to a variety of businesses. 


We have fine-tuned the skills of hundreds of professionals and have hand-picked only the best to become part of our team.

Our interpreters are more than “fluent” in the desired language. Each one is tested and educated on cultural issues, nuances, and economic business development within the country of origin. Hence, they can better understand your professional needs to communicate effectively with your clients.


APEX Language Solutions realizes that time and accuracy is of utmost importance. Most of our clients notice a 30-50% faster turnaround time when compared to the industry standards. With APEX Language Solutions, we can give you the competitive edge that you need to communicate with a once untouchable target audience.

Globally Grow-Locally Serve



Our national business model is being challenged by the multi-cultural growth within the United States and globalization around the world. With this growing diversity in our society, it is impossible for businesses, both large and small, to ignore these global markets. 

Certified-Registered Linguists


Our interpreters are certified and/or registered in accordance with the U.S. Law.  

For the courtroom, we realize that the difference of one word can win or lose a trial. Our interpreters are experts in translating testimony exactly as delivered, regardless of cultural differences or language barriers. By the time your trial is over, your jury will know and understand exactly what your client or witnesses have really said.


Always ready for your needs 24/7!


For more information about our interpretation service, feel free to contact us directly.

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