APEX Language Solutions realizes in the Legal field, there is always a lot of money on the line, careers at stake, and possibly lives. We select only our certified legal interpreters and translators to work in the legal field. We realize every word counts, and the meaning and intention behind the words has to be relayed exactly between the two languages. APEX Language Solutions has several court certified interpreters that will facilitate your need in communicating with your clients and to assist your client to express and present his/her case to the judge and/or jury. APEX Language Solutions also has certified translators to translate any legal document. Please feel free to contact us at any time to request a quote or schedule an appointment. 

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Medical and Pharmaceutical industry requires extreme attention to detail, proficiency, and respect for sensitive material. Our interpreters have several years of experience, and have worked with handfuls of medical and pharmaceutical companies around the world. With our services, you are able to communicate with your clients, patients, consumers, associates, research patients, and future business partners. With APEX Language Solutions we can also help translate marketing material in a fashion that will speed up your productivity and give your company a branded presence within multiple cultures. APEX Language Solutions realizes that unprofessional translators and poorly translated documents can result in slower turn times and even push budget constraints. APEX Language Solutions only hires translators that have advanced degrees in your particular field, fluency in the target language as well as dialect, and experience in translating such documents and materials. Some of APEX Language Solutions’ experience includes:

1. Advertisements 

2. Packaging and Inserts 

3. Case Report Forms 

4. Clinical Trial Protocols 

5. Consent Forms 

6. Technical Articles 

All of our interpreters and translators work in compliance with privacy laws, such as HIPAA, and other regulatory guidelines. 

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With the growing cultural diversity within the United States, Insurance companies insure cars, homes, businesses, and even life insurance policies for non-English speaking clients. Whether you are trying to write a marketing campaign or need an interpreter during a doctor’s appointment, APEX Language Solutions can be there to help. We have a strong and multifaceted staff that will be able to assist you to help you reach and communicate with your clients, without the language barrier.

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The financial industry has to adhere to a vastly large box of regulations, SEC requirements, Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, or the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999. APEX Language Solutions can assist you in translating your documentation while staying in accordance to all the required federal regulations. APEX Language Solutions has translators that have decades of experience in the Financial Industry. We can assist your company with:

  • Equity Research
  • Mutual Fund Reports  
  • Investor Relations Documents  
  • Quarterly and Annual Reports     
  • Audit and Financial Statements 
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Documents   
  • PR, Legal and Marketing. 

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30 years ago the fax machine was the quickest way to send a message overseas. Now, with the power of the internet and modern technology, times have changed. The ability for two individuals to share a “virtual” office on two different ends of the earth is, rather effortless.The globalization of the technology industry and the technical outsourcing of skills and talents have increased the need for individuals to effectively communicate with their clients, co-workers, or business partners, regardless of the barrier of language. APEX Language Solutions can be a strong and irreplaceable asset to your team. Anything from translating effective user manuals to corporate intranet sites, APEX Language Solutions can help you communicate with the world! Plus we will help you adhere to the cultural idiosyncrasies of your target language and more.

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Do you have clients that are multi-lingual? Or do you need to communicate with a largely diverse audience? Let APEX Language Solutions help you out with all of your translation and interpreting needs! With the large flux of off shore manufacturing, the need for effective and accurate communication is more important than ever. We realize that products are produced in bulk and are shipped throughout the world. Thus, APEX Language Solutions is the source for several industries to assist them with communicating with the growing diversity of clients, contractors, and employees. Anything from translating operation manuals to corporate websites, APEX Language Solutions will help you speak to the world – in their language! 

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Marketing and Advertising

Diversity is growing at record breaking numbers every single year. With this being said, many companies are seeking to reach and communicate with a culturally diverse clientele. The bottom line is, you cannot effectively communicate with everyone through English only materials.The competitive advantage goes to the company that opens their arms and provides their users/clients with accurate translations with the target language of their customer. Whether you are adapting a website, brochure, television commercial, media kit, press release, article, or newspaper ad, APEX Language Solutions can assist you to speak with EVERYONE in over 100 different languages! APEX Language Solutions has over 2,500 working professionals that have distinct skills sets in a variety of industries. We will pair you with one of the best interpreters that will meet your every need.

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