Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a professional translation?

If you require basic, professional translation for personal or business related purposes for documents, paying for translation is suitable. If you need industry specific translation, technical translations, business translations, etc., where proficiency and structure of the message is important and represents your business or organization to the market or an audience outside of your organization, it is vital to hire a professional translation company.  

Is there a fee associated with a translation quote?

There is no fee for quoting a project regardless of the project’s size. 

Are the materials that I submit for translation safe and secure?

At APEX, we take safety measures to ensure that any information submitted to us is secured and kept confidential between our clients and the translator. If additional safety measures are needed, we will gladly work with you to provide additional protection for your sensitive information.

What is the cost associated with translation?

There are several cost structures that we use to quote your projects. Some of the variables include number of words translated, timeframe, certification, type of materials etc. To find out how much a translation will cost, the best option is to request a free, no obligation quote.

What criteria does your firm use when selecting translators?

  APEX uses the following criteria when selecting translators:  

  • For all business, organizational or governmental purposes APEX certified translators must be University educated. Even further, most of our translators have post graduate degrees and are professionals in their technical/specialized fields of translation.
  • Based on their educational credentials we determine their ability and specialization of projects assigned to them.   
  • All of our translators undergo a verification and certification process where their skills and credentials are verified using APEX Translator Certification Process.  

What if I am not satisfied with my translation?

APEX does not allow for returns or refunds for any of our translations. Our pledge that we stand by is to work with clients to ensure that the translated materials are to your satisfaction.